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Remove the guesswork and uncertainty from your HIPAA compliance journey. Our assessment tools cover the security and privacy rules, helping you meet the MACRA/MIPS and Promoting Interoperability requirements for an annual HIPAA assessment.

But we don’t just ask questions. Medcurity® provides explanations, definitions, and examples for every question. Our platform supports multiple users across multiple devices.

When you’ve completed your assessment, you can generate a final report that provides recommended remediation activities. Also, you can track your action items through Medcurity® for a full year.

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Remove the guesswork and uncertainty from your HIPAA compliance journey. We provide a complete assessment toolkit. Our guided questions and explanations help you assess all aspects of your organization’s compliance. Whether you have a full a compliance department, or you have the Compliance Officer role in addition to 12 other roles, this is the toolkit you’ve been seeking.

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  • Comprehensive survey supporting multiple users and devices
  • Guided questions with definitions and examples
  • Produces final report with weighted priorities and recommendations
  • Full year of online action item tracking dashboard, track status & ownership