Medcurity provides a HIPAA Compliance Platform for Healthcare Systems

Medcurity’s team has many years of experience in healthcare and technology.

The founders previously built a healthcare technology and services organization from scratch servicing over 50 specialities. We have provided HIPAA risk assessments and guidance to many hospitals and clinics and thoroughly understand the complexities involved with this process.

Healthcare is complicated.

Through this experience, we found that our clients were overwhelmed by the magnitude and complexity of HIPAA compliance and that many had been using complicated spreadsheets and documents to conduct HIPAA risk assessments. We knew we needed to provide a solution and started Medcurity. In addition, we are excited to address two of the biggest issues identified in security risk assessments - right sized policies and procedures and BAA management. We listen and are here to help.

The tool produces an assessment report with an actionable worklist to improve compliance.

We have created a HIPAA platform that enables healthcare systems to conduct risk assessments with embedded and easily understandable guidance. Compliance adds significantly to this complexity and dollars are at risk. Our goal is to provide a powerful compliance platform that helps organizations focus on what really matters.