Manage your Business Associate Agreements in a 100% Electronic Process

We know it is essential to capture and maintain BAAs. Using paper or individual document files can be unnerving and difficult to manage.

Medcurity’s platform gives you one place to oversee and run the entire process. Enter the Business Associate’s name and information, and the scope of work, and we’ll take it from there. Medcurity provides BAA examples, or you can upload your own. BAAs can be sent from Medcurity to your Business Associate for electronic signature, and you will be notified when they are signed or if they are not returned when expected. Going forward, BAAs will be sent for review and e-signature on the regular interval that you set in Medcurity.

Experience a better approach to HIPAA compliance

Conduct Your Security Risk Analysis
Create Custom Policies and Procedures
Manage Your Business Associate Agreements

Subscription Model

Your Medcurity subscription for Business Associate Agreements includes phone and email support.

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Employees Monthly Price
1-20 $25/mo
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101-250 $75/mo
251-500 $125/mo
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