HIPAA Training Courses for Your Entire Organization

Medcurity HIPAA Training courses provide the right level of detail appropriate for your role. We ensure that your training reflects current regulations. There will be knowledge checks and quizzes as well as fun videos!

The Medcurity platform gives you one place to oversee and manage the entire process. Assign and track who has completed the Medcurity HIPAA courses within your organization, with course completion evidence at your fingertips. Easily demonstrate that your organization is completing the required Annual HIPAA Security and Awareness Training.

General Employee HIPAA training for employees

General Employee HIPAA Training for all employees

Hospital and practice employees will learn meaningful and practical HIPAA information to gain a better understanding of how HIPAA applies first-hand to their everyday tasks.

HIPAA Training for Compliance Officers

Compliance Officer HIPAA Training

HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Compliance Officers will review the Security, Privacy and Enforcement Rules and learn about managing Business Associates and preparing breach response plans.

HIPAA Training for business associates

Business Associate HIPAA Training

Gain a better understanding of your HIPAA compliance requirements as you serve other healthcare organizations.

Subscription Model

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Employees General HIPAA & BA Training - Monthly Price
1-20 $37.50/mo
21-50 $75/mo
51-100 $100/mo
101-250 $208.33/mo
251-500 $333.33/mo
500+ Please Contact Medcurity for Pricing  

HIPAA Compliance Officer Training: $145/user Annually.