Create Policies and Procedures Customized to Your Organization

Build or complement your HIPAA policy program. Medcurity provides more than policies templates or a package of generic content. Walk through our questionnaire for a policy, and we’ll automatically create a document matched to your workflow and environment. We’ll add your branding, and provide you with a private link to share with your team members. Call or email us with any questions.

Medcurity provides twelve comprehensive policies and procedures that have been carefully vetted and successfully defended in federal and state audits. We will walk you through customizing these, but you can also edit as needed. You can also upload your own policies to build a program that truly meets your organization’s needs.

Policy Standards


Medcurity’s team of experts carefully monitors any changes to requirements, and keeps our policy library current.

Policy Alerts


The Medcurity alert module helps you stay on track with the commitments you make in policy. For example, you can receive an alert for your chart audit at the interval you set in policy.

Policy Availability


Your staff can access your policies via the Medcurity platform from anywhere.

Easily attach policies to assessment questions


With Medcurity’s Security Risk Analysis tool, applicable policies can be easily attached to assessment questions with a click.

Experience a better approach to HIPAA compliance

Conduct Your Security Risk Analysis
Create Custom Policies and Procedures
Manage Your Business Associate Agreements

Subscription Model

Your Medcurity subscription for Custom Policies and Procedures includes phone and email support.

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